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Storz / Ceriani Steering Damper Kits for V-Rod

Intended for H-D V-Rod models with Inverted style forks (2009-2015), this complete bolt-on kit features a 16 position adjustable, rebuild-able, racing quality steering damper. Billet aluminum CNC machined mounting brackets, all necessary hardware, and instructions are included.

The steering damper bodies feature a polished back anodized finish with gold adjustment knob and end caps. Fork tube clamps are available in silver or back anodized finish to match the forks.

The purpose of a steering damper is to dampen oscillations in the front fork assembly (aka “headshake”) which can occur when the front wheel is deflected from its normal track by bumps, frame flex, tire reaction, etc.

P/N: HDVR-56   $435.00

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